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Rex Safety Project 2016 - Logo

Everything is in place for the start of operations of the Special Maintenance #REX 2016. Always before acting, stop and think about the safety! #SafetyFirst

Safety meeting 06-16

The management and all employees gathered for the usual Safety quarterly meeting. Congratulations to all the staff who worked on overseeing daily activities, for the good results achieved.

Rex Safety Project 2015 - Logo

At the maintenance facilities (REX), the Management of the Company approves the new ideas and investments for "Rex Safety Project". This project, started from 2008 and renewed continuously, aims to safeguard and protect the health of workers at the summer complex maintenance.

Safety news : New HSE

Ferretti invests in safety. In addition to important and innovative proposals with regard to "Safety", was recently strengthened the department HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) of a new employee in addition to the staff, engaged in safety surveillance and supervision of security in all the works of Ferretti in Italy and abroad.

Safety helmets

Ferretti, always attentive to the issue of security, carried out a review of the expirity dates of the protective helmets. In order to safeguard the health of its employees, In April launched a campaign to replacing helmets to all employees. #SafetyFirst




Safety Meeting 09/15

As usual there was the quarterly meeting on security, the presence of the Executive Board, the industry leaders and safety officers yard. During the meeting they were analyzed the IFIs and IG indexes, projected slides on reports carried at construction site, the future training programs. E 'was also the occasion when the President took stock of the difficult economic situation, sharing with the audience the possible market opportunities.

Safety Meeting 11/14

It took place in the presence of the Executive Board and Officers of the yard, the regular meeting on security.

The President gave a brief outline of the complex economic situation focusing on the fact that "the security and competitiveness are the only key to success in order to operate in our target market" 

During the meeting have been screened data and IFIs and IG indexes, analyzed the anomalies and reports at construction site, discusses the future training programs for employees, analyzed the data collected on the indices.

The debate that ensued was useful in identifying new DPI that will be delivered under test at various construction sites as well as enhancements proposed by supervisors.

Rex Safety Project 2014 - Results

For the sixth consecutive year (2009-2014) Direction approves investments on safety during the period of maintenance is extraordinary _ (usually called REX). The Rex Safety Project this year is engaging resources (HSE, RSPP, RLS) in a constant professional growth, training and innovative ideas aimed at the protection of our employees, and all the external partners engaged during the work. As usual, this year Our graphic designers have realized the logo identification - which enables the staff to work on construction sites, "Ferretti Srl" in this particular period.

Rex Safety Project 2014 - Logo

or the sixth year in a row (2009 - 2014) the Directorate approves investments in security during the extraordinary summer manuntenzione period (commonly called REX). The Rex Safety Project this year is committing resources (HSE, RSPP, RLS) in a constant professional growth, training and innovative ideas aimed at safeguarding of employees of all employees engaged during the work. As usual, this year our graphics have made the identification logo - enabling staff to work on "Ferretti Srl" sites in this particular period.

Rex Safety Project 2013 - Logo

Nonostante le difficoltà ed il difficile periodo di crisi economica, la Direzione dell'azienda sostiene gli investimenti ed i programmi promossi da RSPP rivolti alla sicurezza ed alla tutela dei propri lavoratori e delle ditte partner. Anche quest'anno è definito ed approvato il programma di vigilanza denominato Rex Safety Project, che include corsi formativi specifici, riunioni di coordinamento, verifica on-site delle attività svolte. Come tradizione è stato realizzato il logotipo che identifica l'abilitazione ad operare nei cantieri "Ferretti", commemorando i 110 anni di attività continuativa (1903-2013).

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