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Manteinence all inclusive

“All inclusive” maintenance: It was a necessity: and the proposition for the refractory maintenance extended integrating the mechanical maintenance of EAF furnaces also. The interesting extension of the contract wherewith the leading Lombardian steel plant commissioned to Ferretti, allows to…

Basilica di San Girolamo - il Video

Upon completion of the video and audio editing on the translation of the altar of the San Girolamo’s Basilica in Somasca. Thanks to Alberto (Ajp Studio) who oversaw the interesting realization. Enjoy it!

Nuova costruzione edificio direzionale

Office building acquisition : The structure that will be built within the Tenaris Dalmine establishment will lodge not only the offices, but also an innovative installation for the despondency of the smokes coming from the steel plant maintenance area.

Rax Safety project 2012

During the stop of plant and equipment, the Management's attention is still more aimed at maintaining and pursuing safety. As occured in the last year, also for this year's stop, in collaboration with the Health and Safety Manager, a specific…

Basilica di San Girolamo in Somasca

San Girolamo's Basilica in Somasca Once the planning stage is finished, a study specialized in photos and video filming is given the task of documenting the altar translation.

Smaltimento Amianto

Disposal of amianthus - After very long bureaucratic procedures started last year, we finally reached from Regione Lombardia the authorization to remove and dispose of the friable and stiff amianthus (Cat 10B)


Drawbrench - Tenaris assigns the realization of the civil works of the cold 450 tons. drawbrench, the biggest in Europe, to Ferretti's experience. The complex rig will be realized in Italy and a lot of technicians and workmen will be…

Green cement

Green cement - The Irish multinational Ecocem assigns to Ferretti the works of infrastructure widening in the plant in Fos sur Mer in France. In 2010 Ferretti manufactured the first and massive silo by using the ecological cement GGBS. The…

Foto Finish Colata Continua

Foto finish continuous casting. Revamping continuous casting operations in Tenaris have been finished in a very short time. The works have been carried out under Ferretti technicians' and workers' direction, and this enabled us to start production within the planned…

Missione Brasile 21-25 Maggio 2012

Ferretti Srl is one of 190 companies selected (out of over 700) to participate in the mission Italy - Brazil, and the only construction company selected by the Region of Lombardy. Promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and the…