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The Ferretti business continues in America

The President of Ferretti USA Inc. and the Business Developer are at work in the offices of Houston (TX) to evaluate new business opportunities.

Work in progress for a new heat treatment line

Ferretti is working to build a new heat treatment line for an international steel company. A meticulously planned job to optimize work on site and respect the deadline.

ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001: renewal carried out!

The Audit on Quality and Safety in Ferretti is terminated. The renewal of the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates attests, once again, the quality and attention that accompany the services offered by Ferretti to its Customers.

Easter 2018

Ferretti wishes its employees, families, friends and you all a peaceful Easter!

Maintenance of devices in steel mills

Maintenance of devices in a steel mill ... .. activities on the daily agenda for Ferretti! A team of skilled workers and experts able to always offer the highest quality in the shortest time. An example is the maintenance work carried out for the leading steelworks in the sector. Precision and efficiency even in everyday life: that's why trusting us is a guarantee!

PPE for Life!

Ferretti returns to the topic of safety through a touching video projected at the usual weekly meeting with the supervisors. the interaction and comparison session was stimulating: everyone made their own contribution with interesting food for thought and suggestions to improve the perception of personal protective equipment. Safety is an indispensable working condition, PPEs are the way to preserve it.

Women's day 2018

On March 8, International Women's Day, Ferretti wishes all women the chance to cultivate their aspirations and aim for full professional satisfaction.
"Men of quality respect womens equality" ... and for Ferretti quality is an imperative!

Ferretti Glossary: GASIFIER

-Ferretti Glossary- GASIFIER /ˈɡasɪfʌɪə/ - A device for converting substances (chemically or physically) into gas.

Mission "Maerz oven Revamping"... accomplished!

The revamping of a Maerz oven with a production capacity of 400 tons has been completed. The order, commissioned by a leading lime company, required the demolition and reconstruction of the refractory lining of the oven and took place in less than 4 weeks, respecting the deadline.
Speed, proactivity and quality ... in a word "FERRETTI"!

Robotics lands in Ferretti

Ferretti towards the future: at the start the Robotics training course aimed at giving the conceptual foundations necessary to welcome the advent of the 4.0 industry. Fieldbus, automation and interconnection, are the main topics in order to
integrate new production technologies improving working conditions and increasing productivity.
Ferretti confirms this interest by focusing on the training of its employees, believing that the know-how and constant updating constitute a solid foundation to build a company's success.
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