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Harvey Hurricane

The thought of Ferretti USA Inc. goes to all Texan customers, colleagues and citizens who are still facing the devastation of Harvey hurricane. We are with you! #FerrettiUSA

Civil work in Madone

Ferretti realizes, refurbishes and requalificates buildings by adopting the most advanced construction techniques and using innovative materials. Take a look at the real estate initiative in Madone ...

Battista you'te great!

The 75-year-old runner, with the Ferretti's support, went across Trans-Canada Highway No. 1 on foot, getting to Halifax County from Vancouver nearly 1 month in advance!

Refractory maintenance

Highly qualified staff, innovative equipment and extra flexibility allow Ferretti to operate with a rare efficiency of intervention, particularly appreciated by the market. 

#FerrettiGlossary 1

Main·te·nance  (mān′tə-nəns)

n.The act of maintaining, the work of keeping something in proper condition. Engineering: Actions necessary for retaining or restoring a piece of equipment, machine, or system to the specified operable condition to achieve its maximum useful life.

Ferretti USA Inc. is born!

With unchanged enthusiasm, Ferretti USA Inc., the company destined to operate autonomously on the US territory, has just been founded. In the image, the official handover of the constitution.

Ferretti renews SOA certification!

Ferretti Srl renews the Certification of Public Works Execution (SOA). The certificate relates to the OG1 Class V (Civil and Industrial Buildings) and OS7 Class V (General Construction and Refractory Finishes) categories. Ferretti Srl ... since 1903 Qualified Manufacturers!

Ready, steady, GO!

Everything is ready for the works that will be held during the 2017 summer stop. Commissioned and planned works will have over 200 staff on continuous shifts.

Metallic structures by Ferretti

Among the works commissioned at Ferretti there is also the design and realization of some complex metallic structures, made and pre-assembled in our logistic areas.

Rex Safety Project

Renewed the Rex Safety Project that also this year involves all, from the Management to the Workers.

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