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Maintenance works

The maintenance sector has always been decisive in the activities carried out by Ferretti. Our company's 116-year experience allows us to meet our high standards of quality and safety.

International Women's day

Partners, friends, sisters, colleagues, mothers ... Ferretti wishes all the women a wonderful day!

An important civil work...

Did you know that Ferretti built the parish church of San Giuseppe in Dalmine? The work is one of the many infrastructures that our company has built in the Bergamo area.

Past and Future

Those who forget their past, do not face the future in the right way: here is a shot of a convivial meeting with the company technicians in Brescia in 1924. The employees and site managers are portrayed here with the owner Giuseppe Ferretti and his son Alessandro.

Safety Card

A new Ferretti safety initiative: all our workers will be provided with a nominal "Safety Card", showing the specific qualifications and related deadlines. A way to make immediately accessible to our safety supervisors each employee's fitness for work. Simple and effective... In one word: Safeteasy!

Asbestos reclamation: Ferretti is here for you!

All the operators of our company have followed specific courses for the removal (or encapsulation) of asbestos in compact and friable matrix and have acquired the necessary experience to operate under these conditions. Furthermore, for the disposal phases, Ferretti exercises by law and always under the control of local health authorities to obtain the various permissions and documentation requested. 

Klimahouse 2019

Ferretti Srl is always at the forefront of new technologies: this year our technicians are present in Bolzano at the Klimahouse Fair, and at the presentation of Klimahouse Lombardia.

Staff training .. always a MUST!

For Ferretti, staff training is one of the priorities since its foundation: here is a historical photo saved in our archive; a specialization course on reinforced concrete: you can see Alessandro Ferretti, son of the founder Giuseppe (the second from the left). We are in 1925 ...

Kiln revamping activity

The refractory revamping of an imposing kiln was concluded with satisfaction. The works, scheduled for the Christmas stop, were performed using pre-formed blocks.

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