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Staff training .. always a MUST!

For Ferretti, staff training is one of the priorities since its foundation: here is a historical photo saved in our archive; a specialization course on reinforced concrete: you can see Alessandro Ferretti, son of the founder Giuseppe (the second from the left). We are in 1925 ...

Kiln revamping activity

The refractory revamping of an imposing kiln was concluded with satisfaction. The works, scheduled for the Christmas stop, were performed using pre-formed blocks.

Ferretti Safety Awards 2018

Also this year the Safety Awards were held, rewarding the managers who distinguished themselves during the year by their commitment and perseverance in obtaining the results. Congratulations to Luigi, Ernaldo, Alberto, Luigi.The President Alessandro Ferretti, underlining the importance of safety on the construction site, also complimented all the Safety Staff for the over 2,000 supervisory reports prepared and analyzed during the year.

We welcome the new year by celebrating responsibly!

Let’s follow the example of Ferretti's 115 anniversary party during which some special bracelets were distributed between the drivers.

I DO NOT DRINK BECAUSE I DRIVE! Best wishes to all of you for an happy and prosperous 2019!

Reinforced concrete does not scare us!

Ferretti breaks through reinforced concrete! The reinforcement works of an electric substation have been completed by the construction of two openings with the relative structural strengthenings, for the entrance of the transformers.

Christmas 2018

Ferretti wishes happy holidays to its followers and their loved ones!

Face to Face Ferretti

The Conference held at the registered office is entitled "The Role of the Manager - legal and legal aspects related to current legislation". The company organizes the conference in the presence of lawyers, insurers, H&S Manager to train/inform our supervisors about the role held.

Well begun, is half done

The period of winter stops opened with the refractory maintenance of an important waste-to-energy plant.The activity, which will be carried out at high altitude and in confined spaces, has also required the design and construction of particular scaffolding .. A job for the few, a job for specialists!

Ferretti's 115th anniversary celebrations

Let's summarize in some pictures Ferretti's 115-year celebrations. A special thanks to all those who, over the years, with their work have allowed us to reach this important milestone. We are ready for new challenges!


The press speaks of our 115 years of activity...

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