Since one century... a "problem solving" company

Ferretti in one century of activity can be recognized much more than an excellent constructor: it takes pride in its ability of problem solving.
This important mission is achieved with a specialized work organization and a strong commitment at all levels in searching and applying the necessary procedures to maximize the construction processes.
This direction has made ferretti known for its work efficiency and for the results being assured in the main types of construction activities, such as: industrial plants - refractory installation - large infrastuctures
Strict adherence to project contractual obligations - added value to the performance capacity of the plants - maximization of time and cost factors - are the prominent actions taken by ferretti with selected application of its technical and professional resource, which has given ferretti worldwide recognition.
This is the true entrepreneural history characterized by enthusiasm and innovation capacity during the course of a century and it is still vivid the teaching of Giuseppe Ferretti, carpenter from Brescia, the founder: "nothing is more artistic of a well done work and, in order to work well today, is necessary to think on tomorrow".
(pictures founder, Giuseppe Ferretti)